Patient Starts Fire During Surgery By Farting

Going into any surgery your main hope is to just come out the other side in one piece with whatever needed fixing being fixed. But how about if you came out of surgery with serious burns and the surgeon said you were actually the cause?

It seems unbelievable, but that very thing has happened to a female patient at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward. The woman required surgery on her cervix, which involved the use of a laser.

She was a typical patient…given a general anesthetic and covered in surgical drapes. The problem was, nobody thought about or even expected her to fart during the procedure. There were no flammable materials present in the surgery, but a fire started and got out of control.

An investigation has found that the gas the patient emitted “ignited with the irradiation of the laser.” That fire then proceeded to spread to the surgical drapes covering her body, which in turn caused serious burning to a large section of her body most notably her legs and waist area.

The surgery actually happened on April 15, but it has taken this long for an investigation to conclude it was the woman’s own intestinal gas that caused the incident. Is that because they just couldn’t believe it?

So if you are unfortunate enough to require surgery in your lower regions, don’t be surprised if the medical team gets you to sign a form allowing them to insert a pipe or plug now, so as this never happens again.

Via Matthew Humphries, USA, LLC

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